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How vulnerable is your business data?

We’ve created this quiz to give you an understanding of the current state of your data protection practice and policies.  Please know, it is nowhere near as comprehensive as our full vulnerability assessment which looks at over 200+ controls.  These questions will give you a good starting point for a security discussion both internally as well as with your cybersecurity advisors. 

If you’d like to have a conversation with 5NINES about how to increase your business security protocols, Use our contact form or call us at 608.512.1003.  As always, data privacy is very important to us.  We do not share any data that you provide us. 

Our Services include


1. Assess


Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment

Evaluate small business network scope and needs while providing accurate vulnerability assessments.


2. Protect



Apply lessons learned within the assessment to build a plan and develop processes to strengthen security footprint.

3. Manage


Managed Services

Execute planned initiatives, report results, and fight against complacency.

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