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12 Elements of Complete Security 

Are you working remotely? Does your company provide digital security? With growing threat from cyber-criminals around the country, it’s very important now to address your company cybersecurity. Protect your employees and company data from cyber-attacks. Use this checklist to assess your system security and advance your protection against malware, spam, phishing and data loss. 



Know your security gaps.

Free 5NINES Cybersecurity Session.

5NINES is on a mission to educate small and medium businesses how to protect their organization from security threats. If you are interested in learning about steps you can take now to identify, prioritize, mitigate, avoid and monitor security risks, then please join us for one of our free cybersecurity sessions. Hear from experts in the industry on the best way to protect your organization from debilitating security breakdowns. 


43% of cyber attacks are against small to medium sized businesses


70% of a business's annual revenue is the average cost of a data breach


60% of those that have a data breach suffer a significant negative impact to business operations.

the Wisconsin Small business Cybersecurity Initiative

Cybersecurity for Wisconsin’s Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) is a 5NINES mission. In cooperation with the Wisconsin Manufacturing Partnership and Wisconsin Procurement Institute, we are launching the Wisconsin SMB Cybersecurity Initiative. This initiative is designed to educate and provide guidance on current Cybersecurity threats and preventative best practices for Wisconsin businesses just like yours.

Protect your business from costly downtime and disaster by having a plan in place. 5NINES customizes data protection plans that are high performance, affordable and adaptable.

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Our Services include


1. Assess


Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment

Evaluate small business network scope and needs while providing accurate vulnerability assessments.


2. Protect



Apply lessons learned within the assessment to build a plan and develop processes to strengthen security footprint.

3. Manage


Managed Services

Execute planned initiatives, report results, and fight against complacency.

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